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Website, SEO and Social Media – The Holy Trinity

This article takes a quick look at whether you need a dedicated website and how a website, SEO and Social media work together to create the ultimate online selling platform.

Do you need a website?

Well, in an ideal world, yeah, you do, you really do. A website allows you to tap into the biggest market out there and year-on-year the effectiveness of traditional advertising is going down the pan.

Problem is, a website is not like any other kind of advertising and whilst listing your products and services will get you so far, to take it to the next level and trounce your competition you must commit to providing your prospects with information that helps them meet their goals (and steers them towards your products that will help them do that very thing).

What are the options

Ok, you need to be online but what are the options? You need a website, but you need to be in control to add your own content so how do you do that? You need a content managed site and in 2010 this need not cost the earth. If you have no budget look at blogger or  for a free blog but … Read More